Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leader are Terrific Investors and Deal Makers

The United State has one of the most diverse and advanced business markets. Achieving success in this competitive market calls for research, innovation and hard work. The tremendous profits enjoyed by the Chicagoan business can be attributed to the large population. In fact, Chicago is the third most populous city in the U.S. The finance, telecommunication, commerce and technology sector boosts the economic growth of the city. Chicago ranks seventh in terms of ease of doing business based on Global Cities Index findings.

The top-notch entrepreneurs and company executive are known as Chicagoan business and marketing leaders. The city attracts investors from all over the world, and it has transformed into a commerce centre. Many people are visiting the city for studies, medication and employment opportunities. By the end of 2010, its gross domestic product was valued at $523 million. The City prides itself possession of global financial institutions such as Chicago Future Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank and the Chicago Board Options.

Some of the influential and respected business leaders include; Bob Mariano owns eight fresh markets stores located in different places within the City. He specializes in the sale of fresh groceries. Trina Dru Gordon is experienced in the search industry, and she has been assisting firms to strengthen their online presence.

Chicagoan business leaders focus on ensuring their employees gain personal growth in their area of expertise. They conduct workshops, seminars and paid conferences. They practice open and consultative management style and works toward integrating employees, clients and community at large. The number of women holding executive, supervisory and managerial positions has been on an upward trend. Some of the women are currently board members in established companies both within and outside Chicago.

Majeed Ekbal is veteran business and marketing executive in Chicago. He is an alumnus of American University in Washington D.C. He works and resides in the Windy City. He is the founder of Expresso, a company that specializes in shopping and delivery of groceries that are hard to find to clients at the comfort of their home or offices. Majeed Ekbal also owned a foreign investment company. Currently, he is a client relations and brand manager at Razorfish, a public relations and marketing firm. His responsibilities include supervising project teams that work with health care groups and businesses. They assist them in developing websites and marketing their products through social media campaigns.

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