Securus Technologies- The Leading Company in Providing Technology Solutions in Law Enforcement and Correctional Centers

Securus Technologies started in 1986 with the aim of providing telephone services in US prisons to enhance the safety of the public and improve the incarceration experience. They have headquarters in Dallas Texas with other regional offices in Allen, Carrollton and Atlanta Georgia with their specialties being Telecommunications, Information Technology, Data Analytics, and Call Management Systems. They have 1000-1500 employees serving more than 3450 correctional agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Their goal is meeting the needs of the correctional centers as well as the law enforcement communities.


Securus Technologies are leading in the Telecommunications industry focus in developments and delivering the best products and excellent customer services while upholding integrity, transparency, and truthfulness. Their services earned them accreditation and A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for implementing their standards. Meaning that BBB has verified, confirmed and agrees that Securus Technologies is the largest facility solutions provider in the telecommunications sector, and it meets their standards.


Securus Technologies has announced the release of JLG Technologies in the market known as the investigator Pro 4.0. It is the first software that helps investigative researchers select an inmate or a called party voice and runs a search in other phone calls using the sample. The software has helped the investigators unveil gang-related, high-interest and other felonies by identifying the called parties’ voice thus stopping crime before it happens.


To provide digitized payments, communications through email, entertainment, and education related apps in the correctional centers; Securus has teamed up with JPay for them to achieve this. JPay is the leading company in the markets that offers the technological services mentioned above in more than 33 prisons in U.S.


All this has enabled Securus Technologies to deliver their investigative monitoring, corrections and public safety solutions in the law enforcement and correctional agencies.



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