Keith Mann Leads Top Finance Company

Keith Mann is the co founder of a leading financial management and staffing firm known as Dynamic Search Partners. At this firm, Keith Mann also serves as the managing director and is therefore responsible for the day to day management of the firm. Over the course of 15 years, Keith has established Dynamic Search Partners as one of the top firms when it comes to managing capital as well as helping companies with their executive staffing needs. During this time period, Mann and his company have looked to meet the mandates of over 2,000 of its clients. By reaching a number of company staffing goals, Dynamic Search Partners has enabled a number of firms to gain access to numerous financial executives and hire them.


At the beginning stages of his tenure at Dynamic Search Partners, Keith held the position the manager of the alternative investments division. While he was working at this position, he helped a number of finance firms oversee its capital. Mann helped these companies find investment options that would allow them to grow their capital on a regular basis. Keith also provided the firm with excellent leadership which has helped make the firm into the successful entity it is today. After serving as the manager of alternatives investments, Mann would then become a vice president in which he would occupy an even more significant leadership role. By holding these positions, Keith has helped both his firm and the firm’s clients reach a number of their objectives.


Recently, Keith Mann has participated in philanthropic activities in his community. He has announced that he will provide the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This program allows business leaders to receive the recognition that they deserve. As well as providing recognitions, this program also helps low income students attend college and graduate. This will allow them to attain both academic opportunities and eventual professional success. The program offered by Mann is affiliated with the Uncommon School which provides opportunities for many people seeking education throughout Brooklyn, New York. By making this contribution, Keith Mann has been able to make a difference in his surrounding community.

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