The Admirable Financial Advisor David Grietz


David Luther Giertz, also known as Dave, is a financial advisor with Nationwide Investments Services Corporation in Ohio. He has a working experience of more than thirty years and holds four financial certificates, having done well in all the four exams.

He is a registered broker (sales personnel working for large brokerage firms) with FINRA- Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Dave buys and sells securities such as bonds, stocks, and other investment-related products on

Grietz’ Interview with WJS

Mr. Giertz’s, during the interview on, shed some light on the issue of why many financial advisors fail to educate their clients on the benefits of having social security. He starts by explaining the results of a recently conducted survey by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, targeting the already retired and those nearing the age of retirement.

The findings were quite illuminating as every four out of five people said they would change advisors if their current advisors did not talk to them about social security. According to David Giertz, most advisors probably avoid discussing social security because it is a complex topic, with its handbook having 2700 rules. He advises financial advisors to try and understand, and be more confident around all these rules.

David Gierts adds that social security plays a significant role in any retirement benefit plan, hence, making it important for financial advisors to help their clients optimize their retirement. He says social security plays a big part in any retirement plan, as those who turn on their social security too early may lose up to $12000 a year, amounting it to $300,000 in just twenty-five years! This indicates that there is an ideal time for turning on social security. Hence, financial advisors should make it their priority to help their clients understand this and come up with an excellent plan at

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