The Life and Career of Rona Borre

Rona Borre, Instant Alliance Executive Leader
Rona Borre, Instant Alliance Executive Leader


Rona Borre is a top executive from the US city of Chicago. Among her many passions is helping other companies develop by ensuring that they recruit the best talent in the country. As of now, Rona serves as the chief executive officer of a company called Instant Alliance and has been with this firm since the year 2001. Under her leadership, Instant Alliance has recorded remarkable success. Other than this organization, Rona is involved with other companies such as the Chicago network, the young president’s organization as well as the economic club of Chicago. She serves as a board member in these organizations and has other leadership responsibilities.


Rona has appeared on several media platforms to discuss her career. These platforms include USA Today, CBS 2 Chicago, Crain’s Chicago and CNN. Over these years, she has won several awards such as the business ledger award of influential woman in business as well as another award by the national association of business owners. She has also been recognized as the enterprising woman of the year by a magazine called the women magazine. See related site on


Rona Borre is a graduate of the University of Arizona where she specialized in business and economics. Alliance Capital is a company that specializes in offering consulting services and human capital to their clients. Before joining Instant Alliance, she used to work with the Team Alliance as a recruiter. She has also worked with the Sapphire Technologies as a senior accountant executive. Rona Borre’s most notable skills include technical recruitment, management, and leadership. She also has skills in marketing.


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