How Mike Baur has specialized in handling Startup Companies

Mike Baur is a finance expert who served the Swiss private banking sector for more than two decades. He has currently ventured into entrepreneurship and is the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. The main aim of the enterprise is to act as an incubator that assists new technology-based innovations to develop into profitable businesses. His company operates with a unique business model whereby in provides its clients with finance and consultancy services that enable them to be successful. Swiss Startup Factory has been supporting startups that need its services by offering them everything that they would need for them to attain their goals. Mike has invested a lot of money in the emerging companies, and he has managed to gather adequate experience on how they can be managed. When he joined the banking sector, his work involved interacting with businesspersons who needed loans to start or better their companies.


Baur’s service in the Swiss banking sector allowed him to learn about startup businesses since he interacted with entrepreneurs. He assisted the businessmen to be given loans that would enable them to grow their firms. Mike offered advice that enabled the bank’s clients to accomplish the current and future objectives of their enterprises. He also coached entrepreneurs on how they could manage their finances.


Mike Baur started investing in startups after he had gained sufficient knowledge on their management. According to him, businesses that deal with technology are very profitable. Swiss Startup Factory has offered a lot of monetary support to the new ventures, and it has made significant returns from them. Baur’s experience enables him to identify startups that have what it takes to develop into successful companies. He is also able to create approaches that can assist his clients to maneuver in the corporate world.


The efforts of the Swiss Startup Factory have helped many new technology-based businesses in Switzerland to be successful. The firm is privately owned, and it has been sourcing its funds from various investors. Mike is well connected in the finance sector, and he has partnered with various business leaders to ensure the success of Swiss Startup Factory. The organization supports its clients by running three-month acceleration programs that enable them to start off. Baur serves as the CEO of his company. His level of education explains his competence and success. Mike studied at the University of Bern and the University of Rochester. He was awarded MBA degrees by both institutions.

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