Saying “I Was Hacked” Is A Thing Of My Past

One who has not been hacked might ask of what use is cyber security. Well I have been hacked and so many times so I can categorically tell you that it is most painful hurt one can go through…the loss of one’s intellectual property to hackers, private messages and so forth.

As a writer I lost some of my intellectual property and it was really devastating. I have seen people go through all that hurt and never imagined it would be me someday. Cyber hackers has become a thorn in the flesh of individuals as well as companies and the only way to fight this hackers is to be ahead of them security wise and this you can do through having a good support system like Rubica cybersecurity.
Cyber hackers attack virtually everybody ranging from individuals to companies and even government administration. Little wonder why the Obama administration proposed a $19 billion budget for cybersecurity. The current U.S administration is also waging a big war against this evil. Cyber attacks are usually devastating leading to wide spread of one’s personal information to the public Hilary Clinton’s email was always going viral at a point and that of course is one of the aftermath of cyber attacks. I didn’t find this out until after I was hacked.

What can be done to fight this?

Cyber security…cyber security is the answer and not just any cybersecurity but a powerful one with a good support system like Rubica.

Rubica exists to protect individuals “digital rights” to security and privacy and ultimately reduce the incidence of cyber crime. With a good support system like Rubica you can succeed. Like I said is not just any support system because I had one before the attack… You don’t expect me not have one after I have seen people go through all that hurt of been cyber hacked but guess what? My support system didn’t support me and so I was hacked.
Now, I advise you don’t be like me, choose the right support system for you ,choose Rubica. I can say this because it supports me well. With Rubica you have no worries whatsoever.

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