Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Forging Ahead for the Future.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a very well known for-profit organization that treats many types of cancers as well as malnutrition depression and anxiety too. THe company’s main goal is to have the necessary tools to beat any and every type of cancer that is diagnosed.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. There are five treatment centers around the country. THey are located in Zion, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goodyear, Arizona, and Newman Georgia. This is one of the leading companies regarding cancer research and it is forging ahead into the future with a program called Clinical Pathways.
Clinical Pathways is a collaborative effort between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth, and AllScripts. This effort uses a program called Enviti. It is a program that allows patients records to be transferred to doctors much more quickly and efficiently. This program will cut down on the physical paperwork for each patient. These are called Electronic Health Records
With the use of these new records, Clinical Pathways can provide the following benefits to the patients. First, it allows for custom treatment for the patient. It allows doctors to know exactly what kind of cancer and what stage it is. Secondly, it allows all of the treatment options to be on the table for patients and cost. Finally, it provides real-time functionality for doctors. The faster a cancer is diagnosed the better chance the patient has of beating it.
Cancer Treatment Centers is forging ahead with new opportunities to beat cancer. With the help of electronic health records, it will be much easier for doctors to provide the proper treatment for patients. In the end, extending the life of the patient and beating cancer are the most important things for all.

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