Shedding Light On The Successful Career Of Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a reputed serial entrepreneur in the United States. He started his career in the banking sector before finally venturing into the real estate segment in South Florida.

As a serial entrepreneur, he believes that life is a journey and taking a particular path is essential for growth of every individual. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Samuel Strauch shed light on his successful career journey.

Strauch began his entrepreneurial career after going to Miami, where he saw two major opportunities. At that time, there was a growing wave of real estate developments and the city was in the process of transforming from a vacation city to a metropolis. From that scenario, he knew that he could bring investors and clients from all over the world. Samuel success can be pegged on his character of trying to meet new people and bettering his relationship with brokers, partners, and investors.

Forward thinking and creativity is the fundamental thing that helps Samuel Strauch bring his ideas to life. They work as a team in analyzing the feasibility of an idea before it is implemented. Samuel and his team ensure that they implement their ideas with a lot of creativity as it is the point where many businesses across the world fail. When asked about the trends that excite him, Samuel said that he is excited by the way new generations are thinking. The skewed real estate mogul believes that the way these individuals work, travel, live and socialize will have a significant impact on all industries.

As an entrepreneur, Strauch prioritizes meditation. He believes that meditation has several benefits and everyone should meditate. Although he is successful today, all didn’t begin well. After college, he worked in the most boring job of his career. Organizing files and reports weren’t his things as he believed that he could fit better in the creative sector. Given a chance to begin again, Mr. Strauch would prefer scrutinizing people before trusting them as he has been disappointed for trusting a lot of individuals. As a parting shot, Samuel advised entrepreneurs to venture into the retirees’ service sector as unexploited potential.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel graduated with an undergraduate bachelor degree in business from Hofstra University in NY. He later studied at Harvard University and Erasmus University. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2002 when he started his own company that has kept on growing to date. His real estate firm deals with brokerage, development, equity sourcing, management and acquisitions in Latin America and South Florida. Samuel Strauch has also invested in several sectors including art and photography, hospitality and Internet.

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