Sheldon Lavin Exudes Leadership Skills When Guiding OSI Group

The general performance of an organization relies on the leadership structure. From the top leadership position to the bottom, it is vital to focus on delivering excellent results by giving the best. A good leader listens to the team before making decisions. An excellent leader focuses on the direction a firm is taking in terms of growth and expansion. A focused leader is driven by the need to grow the company. These can only be achieved when the leader in question is determined to see the company grow. Those are the characteristics that best define Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group.


Born in 1932, Sheldon Lavin works for OSI Group as the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. The dedicated leader has walked the company through some of the harsh economic climates that the world experienced into the present better and progressing economic times. Lavin boasts of attending the Illinois University as well as the Northwestern University. He majored in science and business by extending his education pursuit to Roosevelt University. Perhaps his strong educational background and academic credentials have massively contributed to his ability to lead OSI Group throughout the many years he has been part of the business.


Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as a financial manager. Initially, he owned a financial consulting firm in Chicago. His entry to OSI Group was marked when he worked for Otto & Sons in 1970. Working as a finance manager, he was in charge of the company’s international investments. When the company was growing and transitioning to OSI Group, he facilitated a commercial loan. That is how he landed the executive position of leadership. To Otto, Lavin was knowledgeable. Given that he could handle transactions on the company’s behalf, he was better positioned to offer valid decisions.


As a leader, Lavin has been supportive of OSI’s progress. His tenure is marked with multibillion projects in food processing. Based in Illinois, OSI Group operates under strict regulations that command health and service delivery. The company thrives in understanding the needs of clients before supplying products. From meat, fish, vegetable and poultry among others, OSI Group is dedicated to offering the best. OSI Group has grown to the capacity of distributing products to over 65 facilities across 17 countries.


It is factual that OSI Group ranks among the best meat based products provider in the world. The company continues to expand its operations under the watch of Sheldon Lavin. As a dedicated leader, he is committed to ensuring that the company serves beyond borders.

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