Securus Technologies leads in Innovation of Law enforcement and popularity in prison communications industry.

One of the unique businesses across the globe is the prison communications industry. It is the role prison communications companies in the United States to provide a sense of belonging to the prisoners and the guards. Besides, the company is assigned the duty of designing innovative solutions to cater for the interests of both parties.


Securus Technologies is a privately owned company that deals with criminal justice systems. Over the years the company has developed relationships with the federal, state and local governments. The company was assigned the duty of providing telecommunications services to various prisons for a contracted period by the government.


The company enjoys incredible power over the inmates in prison. The company has however fought against the exploitation of inmates by lowering the communication rates as low as possible. Securus has managed to generate revenues to an institution which it’s involved in business. It has maneuvered to influence the inmate’s rates by making outgoing phone calls at a price of $0.15 per minute across all of its systems.


Securus Technologies voluntarily underwent accreditation with Better Business Bureau and their reviews in transparency, honesty, ethics and reasonable price, which were approved excellent. The low rates have helped the inmates to keep in touch with their families uninterrupted and maintain healthy relationships.


Securus Technologies has assisted law enforcement by innovating new technologies weekly. This technology counters contrabands by jamming systems from connecting to networks inside correctional facilities. One of the challenges they encounter is smuggling cell phones into the prisons. They created a software program that can identify a particular person’s voice. The innovation of flag phone calls has eased the process of recording phone calls that are recorded and listened to obtain information that can be used in the court of law against the inmate to acquire convictions.


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