Nice Guys Have a Chance With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble

Many people have heard the saying; “Nice guys finish last”. Many people do find it to be true. It is very common for guys to talk about how good they were to the women they were hoping to be with only to get the dreaded “let’s just be friends” speech. This issue seems to be every bit as common with online dating as it is in other areas of life. Also, the world of dating does seem to be stacked against men who have to read tons of theories as to why women seem to pass them up for men who are not as nice. It can seem to them that women are looking for as much evidence as they can get that men are good for nothing.

Fortunately, there is someone who recognizes this phenomenon which often leaves women painting men in a bad light. Whitney Wolfe the developer of Bumble and all of the extensions is heard pleading with women to give the good men a chance. She has seen too much male bashing in media and has decided that she is tired of it. Even though she has designed Bumble to empower women, she understands that it is possible for one group to be empowered without demonizing another group.

Whitney, as the developer of Bumble, has looked at many of the unwritten rules of dating and has decided that she wants to challenge them. Among the rules that she is challenging is that the woman should not initiate contact with men which includes texting first. The only thing is that it brings a lot of limits to dating for women. At the same time, there are also tons of men that would appreciate it when a woman approaches. It makes it a little easier for them.

For Bumble, nice guys can have an easier time getting a chance at dating. Even though they may still strike out, they will still get better chances so that they can see how they can improve and figure out what to look for in someone that they are dating so that they can find someone that is well matched to them.

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