Glen Wakeman on the Difference Between Ideas and Plans in Businesss

Mr. Glen Wakeman has his own approach to conceiving ideas and turning them into a plan with actionable steps. As a mentor and strategic advisor, Mr. Glen Wakeman has a sharp focus on turning ideas into plans that can be acted upon immediately. He built his career and company on that foundation, after all.


Mr. Glen Wakeman created Launch Pad Holdings, LLC several years ago to help startups create a plan for their business and start executing them on the spot (AnalystOfFinance). The idea for the company came after Mr. Glen Wakeman evaluated the success rate of new startups. He concluded that it is surprisingly low, even in areas where there is less competition.


Even though business owners go in with enthusiasm and dedication, too often their startups fail t yield the results. That is due to the rash decision and notion that if one has an idea, they can go all in, and it will be ok. Mr. Glen Wakeman, however, knows that in business that is not the case. In business, one needs to create a plan beforehand and know which step comes first and how to prepare for the second one. Going in blind is a sure way to fail.


Glen Wakeman is a former student of the University of Scranton ( He graduated from it in 1981, achieving a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics. After that Mr. Glen Wakeman transferred to the Universty of Chicago, achieving an MBA in Finance in 1993.


Mr. Glen Wakeman worked at the firm of GE Money for more than 20 years as the company’s Chief Executive Officer of the Latin America division. He was responsible for many aspects of the business and got to travel the world.


After that, Mr. Glen Wakeman established the company Nova Four of which he is Principal. The company works in the industry advisory. Launch Pad Holding LLC came afterward, and it is considerably more successful. The company became a passion for Mr. Glen Wakeman. He is the Chief executive officer of the business, and he works with business owners and executives, helping them to establish a clear plan.


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