Perry Mandera Discusses The Custom Companies

Recently, Perry Mandera published an article on his personal blog entitled, “Three Technologies The Custom Companies, Inc., Uses to Serve Clients “. In this article, he discusses the various kinds of technologies that The Custom Companies has used over the past three decades in order to best serve their client’s needs (


Here are some of those technologies that are discussed in Mandera’s article.


Mandera discusses how his company uses Dock Management System, Cheetah Dispatch, and Warehouse Management System. Dock Management System is an industry-leading standard for the task of dock managing, as the name of the program suggests. Cheetah Dispatch gives company drivers and delivery workers all of the information that they need to make a smooth and seamless delivery. And finally, Warehouse Management System directly allows customers to track all the details pertaining to their deliveries. And this is how these three unique systems help make The Custom Companies successful.


Perry Mandera is the owner of The Custom Companies.


Mandera is from Chicago, Illinois and has decades worth of experience in the trucking industry. His name is well known in the business and trucking worlds. He was a 23-year-old in the U.S. Marines when he first got behind the wheel of a truck. Ever since then, a passion was ignited in Mandera. That was around the same time he started his own transportation business, ultimately selling it before opening The Custom Companies in the year 1986.


The Custom Companies has a big reputation for catering to the needs of its clients. They were one of the first companies in the industry to offer full-service transportation (Bloomberg). To this day, the company is still making a name for itself with Perry Mandera still behind the wheel of the whole operation, so to speak. Mandera also is known for his writing and the many articles he has published.

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