Stream Energy: Expanding in the Northeast

Stream Energy is an energy company which provides one of the most affordable services in the country. The company is headquartered in Texas, but they are operating nationwide. The company has been thinking about becoming one of the most reliable and trustworthy energy companies in the United States, and they are also dreaming of becoming the leader in the industry. Stream Energy has been studying the regions of the United States for years, and they managed to formulate a plan on how they can take advantage of the high energy costs in the United States. The management of Stream Energy immediately executed the plan to scout areas which they think would need the services given by them. When the study is complete, Stream Energy decided to build their satellite offices and proceed with their project.


One of the beneficiaries of Stream Energy is the state of Delaware. The state is situated in the northeastern part of the United States, and they are facing the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Every time the winter season comes, the northeastern states become to freeze. As a result, people working and living in the affected areas have to purchase additional volumes of energy which would cost thousands of dollars. With the introduction of the Texas-based company in the state of Delaware, the people now have so many options in choosing which energy provider they would prefer (WeeklyOpinion). The management at Stream Energy are surprised with how the public is thinking of them positively, and because of their strong business presence in Texas, the company has decided to expand northeast, where there is a massive demand for energy when the weather is cold.


The state of Delaware, which benefits significantly from the services offered by Stream Energy, is the eighth state on their list. Stream Energy is also reconsidering to open more locations in 2018, and their ultimate goal is to provide all of the 50 states of the United States with an affordable energy that is reliable and not prone to any problems. Stream Energy also added that this is not their first expansions, and people has to wait for their announcements when they would add additional states that would be enjoying their services.

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