Securus Technologies Leads The Forefront In Customer Service

Securus Technologies hailed as a superior inmate calling regulator, responsible for monitoring, surveillance, and telecommunications safety. They take pride in training their 12,000+ IT professionals in the highest level of customer service satisfaction. Securus is now a network provider still committed to the safety of the general public. The Public Utility Commission and government regulations mandate inmate communications laws. Rest assured, you get every minute that is guaranteed under your service agreement. Inmates and their families complain about the rising costs of inmate calls and dropped calls with other network provides. Securus has technological features that secure your inmate calls every time.


Leading Network Provide Wins Stevie Award


Securus is known for their high level of customer service and won the prestigious Stevie Award. This award is one of the highest customer service awards in the industry. Thousands of customers rely on their network to stay connected. Securus provides an interactive network that has other high end providers as a part of their team. They’re proud to partner with Vimeo and JPay Services. You can get more inmate calling features with Securus than with other providers. Become a valuable inmate communications customer today.


Securus Features


Remote Visitation


Visit your love ones over a high definition video. You get complete control with reliable onscreen functions. Eliminate the need to commute to a correctional facility. Pay a small processing fee for remote video visitation. See your family and friends in a correctional facility face-to-face.


Inmate Voicemail


You can now leave a message for your incarcerated loved ones. If you’re interested in telling an inmate a quick message, leave it in their access account. A voicemail account helps inmates transition for a life outside of a correctional facility.


Securus invites you to explore their exclusive website today for more details and promotional offers.


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