Clayton Hutson, the success tour manager

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and a production manager. He has been the tour manager in many music tours of different audience sizes and artists and genres. He is known for three things: the quality of his work, his choice in equipment and his care for the people he works with. This has seen him manage tours of artists like Rihanna, Jay-Z and Arcade Fire. Learn more:

Sound is very key in a tour. It is very important that a sound engineer produces quality sound every time there is a performance despite the artist’s style. Clayton Hutson being a sound engineer by profession prides himself in giving his clients the best there is. However, for a long time he had a challenge working with local service providers. It meant he would have to make do with the kind of equipment he or she is able to provide. This messed with his quality. He therefore went on a hunt for a console he could carry around in a bus or in a flight. This way, he would be guaranteed of the quality he will be able to give his clients. His search saw him find DiGiCo’s SD7 console. With this he moves from town to town and is able to give the same quality to all his clients.

Clayton Hutson is known for his meticulous choice of equipment. Based on the needs of the artist, he will choose only top notch equipment to use during the performance. He believes that skill is important to the success of a concert but the equipment used will either see those skills become effective or frustrate them. He was the first one to take the DiGiCo SD7 console out on a tour.

Clayton Hutson is a sucker for safety. In as much as he insists on his employees giving their best at work tries as much as possible to ensure everyone is safe. During the OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour Production for instance, he had his light designers use a rigging system that emphasised on safety as much as it did on performance. They used VER’s automated rigging system of eight Kinesys Elevation +1 systems. Clayton Hutson says he decided on this system mainly because it had an automation function that allowed the guys working on lighting to set up and operate with ease and safely. Considering the fact that the lighting used at the concert weighed 70,000 pounds of lights that was the best decision.

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