Tempus Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky Is Creating A Better System To Aid In Healthcare

Eric Lefkofsky has built a huge fortune for himself today through his pursuits in business and as an entrepreneur. Most people have seen and probably even use the vastly successful Groupon app, which allows customers to save money through coupons when they go out. Eric’s latest efforts in business also revolve around the field of healthcare. Eric, alongside longtime colleague and friend Brad Keywell, co-founded the company Tempus. The sole focus for Tempus is to build more accurate data in the healthcare industry and especially for cancer patients. In a relatively short period of time, Tempus has earned a great deal of funding, amounting to more than 100 million dollars. Also, at nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars, Tempus’s net worth can already be seen as a success. Eric and Brad are Tempus’ biggest investors, and Eric has stated he will invest even further to guarantee Tempus is successful in its research.

Eric Lefkofsky has personally seen the cancer process up close and this is what started the idea in the first place. Cancer is a very devasting thing to deal with in terms of illnesses and Eric believes there is a better way to approach the issue. By gathering more detailed information and amassing data and research from around the world, cancer treatments can be improved for patients around the world. The new technology available in analytics will enable Tempus to search and compile data from the healthcare industry from practices all over the world today.

Eric Lefkofsky has already made a large name for himself in the business industry and as an entrepreneur and through Tempus he can do more than just build his fortune. He can use his success to create companies that will help people around the world. Today, Eric teaches others through the experiences that he’s had in business and he has even published his own books focusing on the world of business.

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