Lori Senecal Shows You How to Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

The landscape of the marketing and advertisement world has changed considerably, particularly in regards to the rise of mobile technology. Today, nearly everyone has at least one smartphone or mobile device, utilizing them for a number of daily tasks, including online shopping and social media. The world’s population has decidedly changed from a desktop dominant society to one which we rely almost exclusively on our smartphones to deliver information and for transactions. 2015 is a perfect example of the changing climate of online advertising, as this sector saw the accrued revenue reach $60 billion – most of this resulting from mobile advertising. According to Lori Senecal, many people often spend 25 percent of their time each day, operating their smartphone or mobile device.

With the rise of mobile marketing, also comes social media. With outlets such as Facebook and Instagram ruling the day, the social media platform has seen a considerable rise over a short period of time. In 2015, Facebook saw their advertising revenue increase by close to 60 percent, and other online entities have followed suit. Google, the world’s most popular search engine saw an increase of nearly 20 percent over that same period of time, and when combined with Facebook, the two online giants were responsible for 76 percent of the advertising growth throughout. Although mobile marketing continues to grow in usage an popularity, Lori Senecal see it as a nuisance and have begun using ad blocking software to limit the problem. In an effort to surmount the obstacles created by ad blocking software, many companies, including Universal Pictures, Spotify, and Snapchat have begun utilizing shorter ads in order to keep the attention of their audiences. This technique has quickly caught on with many of the world’s foremost corporations, as the most successful of the bunch regularly saw their ads exceed 14 million views. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Although Facebook has seen a considerable decline in usage amongst millennials, causing many companies to stray away from the platform, social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat remain increasingly popular, proving that mobile advertising is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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