The Grit of Barbara Stokes

Who is Barbara Stokes you may ask? Barbara is a very successful and well-known business entrepreneur. Barbara attended Mercer University for Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She studied some other complex courses as well while at Mercer that would further assist her in her future. Barbara received her diploma in 2001 from Mercer University. After her time there, she became very active in her community for the better and she became a mother. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

With all of these drastic changes going on in her life, Barbara knew she could handle the pressure. Founded in 2008, was Green Structure Homes of Alabama by Barbara and her husband Scott. What better way to be involved in your community than giving back to those in need? Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a disaster relief construction contractor. It offers multitudes of solutions for private sector customers and the government. Barbara Stokes who is the CEO of the company and her husband have had 30 plus years of experience in the Disaster Relief spectrum. Most would trust and believe in Barbara and her husband to do the right thing.

In 2015, Barbara and her husband had a small slip up with the government. They were caught for defrauding one of their settlements. The judge had ordered Barbara and Scott to pay back 2.1 million dollars. The couple did not have the money at the time and they went into denial. This hiccup did not stop the couple from achieving their goals regarding the Green Structure Homes of Alabama.


Green Structure Homes of Alabama has recently announced the formation of more job opportunities throughout 8 states. The jobs are located in Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. GSH will start to construct homes for those in distress due to Hurricane Harvey.

As we all can see, being successful can be demanding, has its’ hardships, or it can be rewarding. Barbara and her husband made the most of their situation and they created something beautiful to help others in need. Others can learn from her mistakes and learn how to make it to the top. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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