Whitney Wolfe Helping Bumble Bizz Compete With Linkedin Successfully

     Bumble is the newest and the most happening dating app on the market today. An enterprising young woman co-founds it by the name of Whitney Wolfe, who also happens to be the co-founder of Tinder, which is the most popular dating app in the world currently. Under the leadership of Whitney Wolfe, Bumble has been multiplying and has already become one of the top five most popular dating apps. The reason why Bumble has been able to grow so popular in just a few years is that it is women-centric and it allows only women to make the first move. The male members in Bumble are not allowed to send any messages to women, but can just show their interest. It is what differentiates Bumble from the rest of the dating apps and websites out there.

Whitney Wolfe believes that the concept of allowing only women to message first has become highly popular among the people because it is a logical way ahead. It is a universally known fact that more and more women who are becoming victim to abuse and bullying online. Many of the male members have to face rejection from women on dating apps and websites, and it is this frustration of rejection that comes out in the form of abusing and bullying female members on the site. To eliminate such a practice from the roots, Bumble allows women to choose whom they want to start a conversation with. It ensures that the contact begins on a positive note and in a new mood without having first to scroll through and delete tons of abusive and vulgar messages.

Whitney Wolfe recently also launched two new features of Bumble, namely Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. The Bumble BFF feature is what would allow the members to find friends on the social dating network of Bumble. There are many people out there who are not only looking for a date, but also for friends and Bumble BFF is perfect for it. Similarly, Bumble Bizz is a professional networking platform inside Bumble. The concept of connecting is similar to Bumble dating of swiping left or right, but in Bumble Bizz, members can also upload their resume, work examples, and skills. Bumble Bizz is also set to compete with the professional networking giant Linkedin, and with new features being added regularly to it, one can be sure that Linkedin is going to face a tough time ahead.


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