OSI Group: The 21st Century’s Top Food Provider/Meat Processor

The 21st century has introduced a lot of technological innovations. These technological innovations have been implemented into just about every field of work. Every industry on earth has some form of innovation. As the old saying goes, “a shark will die if it stops swimming.” In all honesty, evolution is the key to smart survival and if you don’t evolve, you will certainly get left behind. OSI Group perfectly identifies with this notion as it has gone through several transformations over the decades. OSI Group has been headquartered in multiple locations, it has built factories in specific foreign markets, and it keeps updating its huge selection of foods to satisfy the masses.

If that isn’t evolution, then I don’t know what is. To help with the fortification of its foundation, this company will go out and acquire struggling businesses. On the other hand, this company will acquire businesses that are doing well. Business acquisitions play a key role in solidifying its position as a top contender. OSI Group has been practicing this tactic for quite some time. For an estimated $7.4 million, this phenomenal company added the Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago. This was a great addition because OSI has other plants nearby. There always seem to be a method to the madness. This actual plant employed up to 450 staff members and OSI Group has made plans to hold on to at least 250 of those staff members. Though the information is still undisclosed, OSI may be building an addition to this specific plant.

This company’s physical reach is astounding to some degree. It owns the largest feed mill in China with a total capacity of 600,000 metric-tons, and the company has more than tripled production capacity at its plant in the nation Hungary. As you can see, there is no slowing down in the near future, but who knows what OSI Group is planning next.

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