Paul Mampilly: A Knowledgeable Investment Professional

As an investment professional, Paul Mampilly eats, drinks, and breathes the stock market. And his role at Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul writes a newsletter that has literally touched the lives of people from all different walks of life. His investment expertise clearly makes everyone’s lives better, especially the people that have subscribed to his newsletter. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Although it might seem like a scam to some skeptics, the stock recommendations associated with Paul’s newsletter have done very well. He first started Profits Unlimited in 2016, and an analysis was done for 15 months. Some of the stocks he urged investors to buy are up with with margins as high as 56%, 64%, and 73%. Indeed, one stock that he recommended with the Special Report that accompanies his newsletter subscription is even up 235%. This is why subscriptions to Profits Unlimited continue to grow and were up to 90,000 at last count.

Paul Mampilly also has quite the spectacular following on social media platforms. On his Facebook page, he enjoys sharing new advice about stocks and other areas. It doesn’t take long after reading his Facebook page to realize that he will leave no stone unturned. One example of this would be when he discussed sneakers. Yep, sneakers. He noted how the popular Air Jordan shoes we’re headed into a bull market. But it isn’t just knowledge he shares on social media either. Paul enjoys showcasing his strong ratings as an investment advisor on Facebook as well. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Finally, Paul realizes that individuals need to see someone with a proven track record before they will take their investment advice. Luckily for them, Paul Mampilly actually spent a number of successful years on Wall Street before he decided to quit the rat race and devote more time to his family. This was a hard decision, especially considering he worked on Wall Street for two decades. He actually managed multimillion-dollar accounts and grew wealth for many companies. However, now he wants to grow wealth for YOU.


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