IDLife Products And Services For A Healthier Life

IDLife is a health and wellness company that sells a multitude of vitamin and nutrition supplements. Customers take a free online assessment in which they are asked a few questions about their diet and nutrition goals.

By understanding the goals of potential customers, IDLife is able to offer a custom tailored regimen to their customers. After all, someone looking to lose weight will have different needs than someone looking to gain muscle mass.

To better serve the evolving health and diet market, IDLife has teamed up with Garmin to provide a wearable fitness device. The Vivo activity tracker by Garmin can be purchased directly from IDLife; there are plenty of models and sizes to choose from. Features include a heart rate monitor, walking distance traveled, and calories burned to name a few. It is also able to track your sleep cycle, so no minute in your day is wasted.

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The Vivo activity tracker is able to communicate with the IDWellness app. The app will continuously receive data from the Vivo, and display the results on your mobile device. For finer grained controls, you can manually enter meals eaten on the app. The app will recalculate calories burned with the new data, and give you a more accurate reading of your fitness goals. Having all the data coming in automatically will encourage users to continue exercising and being active.

At the IDLife store, customers can find other products to improve their quality of life. IDLife offers skin care products to promote healthy skin. They have a line of EnergyShot energy drinks to give you a boost of energy. There’s no extra calories included, so you won’t crash after its effects have worn off. For those with trouble sleeping, they offer a sleep aid that promises to get you sleeping in no time. With so many products, the IDLife store offers something for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

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