Matt Badialli’s take on investing in Zinc

We use zinc everywhere. From the nails that hold buildings together to the sunscreen that helps you keep sun burns at bay. Imagine what would happen if we ran out of Zinc! Mining experts have found out that known Zinc mines are quickly running out of the metal. Several Zinc mines have already shut down. Soon, the world will run out of Zinc. Visit to know more.

In the past, different industries found out more than one way to put this metal to use. Even the health sector uses it as part of their nutritional supplements. Because of this high demand, miners increased their production of the metal. At first, it was a good thing for investors. They made over 400% profits at the time. But as the Zinc market began being flooded, prices went down and investors sold out. Right now, not many think of Zinc as a good investment. To make matters worse, it is declining. Because of the news of its decline, Zinc’s market price has begun rising again. Read this article at

Matt Badiali, a renowned geologist and natural resource investor, sees a different side of this situation. Contrary to popular view, he thinks now is the time to invest in Zinc since it’s is on the verge of a big financial boom. A company is rolling out a Zinc exploration venture. This means that when they will launch their product in the market, the prices will be favourable. Mr Badialli talks about this company and its strategy in his monthly newsletter Real Wealth Strategist.

Matt Badialli is a contributor to Bayan Hill Publishing. Bayan Hill publishes his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, where he gives investment insights to his readers. He studied B.S. in earth sciences for his under graduate at Penn State University. He did his masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. Mr Badialli later pursued his PHD in the same field at the University of North Carolina.

Matt Badialli was introduced into the world of finance by a friend who was working on his PHD in finance. This friend wanted Mr Baialli to help him find a way to make investing in minerals easy for the middleman. Considering his qualification, Mr Badialli was of great value to the venture. Since then, Matt Badialli has channelled his energy towards helping others make money by investing in minerals. Writing about his insights is just one way of sharing the wisdom he has gained over the years.


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