NGP Van: Advice For Launching a Campaign in 2018

NGP Van has some tips on how to successfully launch a political campaign.

The first tip about how to successfully launch a campaign is that you should a build a communications plan. The first thing that you should do is that you should determine what your main message is as well as what your talking points are going to be. You then should put together a media kit with a media advisory and material about you such as bio, accomplishments, and photos. It should also include what you feel about the major issues of the day. This should be enough to have an effective communications plan.

To successfully launch your campaign, you must have a website. It does not have to be fully functioning, but it must have a donate button, email sign-up and a short biography. You should make sure that people can interact with it and get responses. The website must be formatted all current electronic devices such as PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. You should make sure that it says what office you are running for. A website is a campaign necessity in the 21st century.

NGP Van, recent won the 2018 Campaigntech award, believes that their computer program called Digital 8 to help launch your campaign. Their program can collect and organize in a way that would be useful to your campaign. It has useful tools like Targeted Email, Online Actions and other apps that can useful interactions. NGK says that thousands of campaigns have used this program and have not had any complaints. This program should be a key to launching your campaign.

Another tip for launching your campaign is to have a logo. You should stick to this logo because changing it would make your campaign look disorganized. You can only change it before you actually launch the campaign. This logo should have not too many design elements and should as simple as possible. A clean, simple logo should help launch your campaign.

NGP Van believes that you should launch a campaign by having a communications plan, by using their program called Digital 8, by building a website and by having a clean, simple logo.

NGP Van’s provides campaigning and organizing tools for people who are running for office and their tools can successfully start a campaign.

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