Wes Edens the Consistent and Confident Investor

Wes Edens currently serves as the Principal of Fortress Investment Group, and he began his career with California Savings and Loan. Additionally, he worked at Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993 where he worked in the mortgage trading division as a partner and Managing Director. The fact that he holds Bachelors of Science in Finance and Business Administration from the Oregon State University means that he has the expertise to manage his current position. Additionally, he is familiar with credit generally, administration skills and private equity finance which qualifies him to undertake business dealings efficiently. With such an active background in his career, it becomes easy for him to manage his current activities effectively considering that it is out of the experience.

Wes Edens has worn many hats as he has as well served on the boards of various traded companies and registered investment companies in different years which include Fortress Registered Investment Trust.Being an employer, his employees have a positive image of him and appreciate that he offers them a constructive working environment and have given them opportunities to better themselves in various sectors.Wes Edens has made it to the Forbes billionaires list where he ranked position 962 in 2008. With such an achievement, it is evident that his work of many years has been paying off remarkably. Surprisingly, he owns a video game which was developed and published for Microsoft Windows called League of Legends.

Owning such an investment puts Wes Edens in another level of diversity, and he is a risk taker who looks forward to the positive outcome. His interest in sports has as well seen him become a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks which is an NBA team located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is a success story. He, therefore, has proved that being a consistent investor pays off with time when the investments start bringing returns no matter how long it takes. With his wealth and riches, he has made sure that he gives back to the society and mostly concentrates on education, health and art-related initiatives which he finds worth his funding. His lifetime giving is said to have exceeded $2.7 million which depicts his generosity irrespective of his position in the community. He as well has an interest in politics and has massively donated to several political parties and individual candidates. Wes Edens takes home pay of $54.4 million annually which includes benefits at Fortress and dividends received as a shareholder.

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