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Eric Lefkofsky Goals in health

The medical field is changing rapidly with new technology. There are many people who are excited about the changes for the future. New technology will lower the cost of coverage and help people who have terrible diseases. One of the most important diseases to solve is cancer. Although a lot of progress has been made […]

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New Primary Care Clinic Opening in South Reno

Renown Health is a locally-governed and a not-for-profit healthcare network in the greater Reno, Nevada area. Being a not-for-profit network allows Renown to reinvest their earnings to new programs, people and equipment. Even though Renown Health is locally-governed they have established great partners that can help to better serve the community. For example, Stanford Healthcare, […]

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Facts About Healthcare Companies That You Should Know

Having a good health makes an individual to remain confident even when tackling heavy tasks. Poor health is the root to some troubles that one has to deal with for many years. For this reason, everyone strives to get the best health conditions. However, sometimes it happens that an individual needs immediate medical attention due […]

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