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Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Technology’s Impact on E-commerce and Digital Marketing

Nowadays it’s hard not to notice that the world is changing. Thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence. All aspects of our daily lives are being impacted by the introduction and the presence of artificial intelligence technology. Security checks at all major entry points in every country have been enhanced through security cameras as well […]

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The Leading Video Marketing and Communication Solutions Company, Talk Fusion

  Video communication technology is becoming a significant part of our online experience. In fact, a substantial number of organizations are using Video to better their services delivery with clients. This is the market niche that Talk Fusion has exploited. Talk Fusion is a large conglomerate networking company in the video communication business. The company […]

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Quest Proposes an All Cash Offer to Slyce, Inc.

As of November 18, 2015, it was decided that the company, Quest Ventures had proposed to acquire all shares of Slyce, Inc. Slyce, Inc. was developed in 2013 as a visual search and voice recognition company. It is used to take photos of products and the identification software aids in locating the brand location of […]

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